Based on all the ads and articles I have seen the Merry GT seems to have come with an Evinrude motor.

This Caille powered model was a clever fix.

Did you notice the tractor operator is called the "tractioneer" in the article?!
The Merry Garden Auto Cultivator.

— This garden tractor is the smallest and cheapest one made and it is intended for the home garden more than it is for the truck garden. It is made by the Atlantic Machine and Manufacturing Co., 429 Prospect Avenue, S. W., Cleveland, Ohio, and it sells for $185, without attachments.

How it is Made.— First of all it has only two traction members and both of these are drive wheels; as they also serve to support the tractor it must be kept in the proper position by the tractioneer. This is done by means of a pair of plow-like handles that are fixed to the frame. It is shown at A and B in Fig. 68.

The wheels have a 3-inch face, though wheels having a 5-inch face can be used for sandy soils, but in either case they are 20 inches in diameter. As there are only two wheels 100 per cent. of the weight of the tractor rests on them and as it weighs 250 pounds this gives it a fair traction resistance. The clearance is 9 inches to the axle and it straddles a row that is 12 inches wide.

The engine is of the vertical type, has one cylinder and when running at its normal speed, which is 900 revolutions per minute, it develops about 1 draw-bar and 2 belt horse power.

It has the splash system of lubrication and is water cooled by the thermo-siphon system; a 5 quart cylindrical water tank is mounted above the wheels and is connected to the jacket of the engine cylinder by a couple of short lengths of pipe, but the action is exactly like that of a hopper water cooled engine.

The fuel used is gasoline and the tank, which also holds 5 quarts, is, likewise, mounted on top of the tractor and parallel with the water tank. The tractor will run from 4 to 8 hours on a gallon of gasoline depending on the work it is doing. A magneto system of ignition is used to fire the fuel charge in the cylinders.

The handles are adjustable so that they can be held by a boy or a man. On the right handle there is a control lever which gives a change of speed, and on the left there is a clutch control lever so that the drive wheels can be thrown into or out of gear with the engine.

The Draw-bar Pull.— The tools that can be used with this little tractor are (1) a 4-inch plow, (2) a 4inch double moldboard plow, (3) a covering plow, (4) a pair of hoes, (5) a rake, (6) narrow or wide cultivator teeth, (7) a three prong cultivator, (8) disk hoes, (9) an onion digger, and (10) a lawn mower with 30-inch knives can also be fitted to it.

The speed of the tractor when used as a cultivator is about 120 feet per minute and this is just about equal to the work that four men can do with hand cultivators.

The Power Take Off.— The engine has a power take off and where it is wanted a pulley is furnished by the company at a small extra cost. The engine can then be used to operate a churn, separator, saw and other small contrivances.