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Badge Motors
Badge motors are motors made by Caille for other companies and sold under other names.



1914, Serial Number 811

Glideaways were made for the Mullins company by Caille. As far as I know this is the only year they did...but I may be mistaken. This example has incorrect paint on it. I am guessing it is NOT right as I have never seen a RED Caille rowboat motor.

The decal on the tank is original. Note the hole in the skeg - the only year Caille made a skeg like this was 1914.

The folding rudder is a Caille feature that other rowboat motors did not have.


  • a VERY cool example of a Pennant # 44848 where the Caille decals had been applied already, then the Pennant decals put on over them for some reason.

    The neat thing is that as the decals aged the Caille artwork
    showed through! This is the sort of inarguable documentation establishing connections that antiquarians thrive on.

    The Caille Scout is essentially a Pennant without the 5 speed gear.
    It was, I believe, sold only in 1926.

1926 Neptune

I had no idea that in later years the Neptune Twin was a badge motor for Montgomery Ward until I got #44995 in its crate which had the company info on it.

Look at the decal, too. Notice that under the Neptune is the Caille decal!


Motorgo Junior

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Motorgo 2 3 4
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Motorgo Senior

This is an exceptionally nice example of the Caille made Motorgo sold by Sears. Notice that you can read the oiling and starting instructions.

Pass the word to anyone who has one as these instructions are usually obliterated.

IMG_8591 IMG_8592 IMG_8592a IMG_8593 IMG_8594
IMG_8597 IMG_8598      

Sears Motorgo ads

mg-2-sears-image1 mg-2-sears-image2 mg-3hp mg-big-boy
Motorgo illustration Motorgo illustration Motorgo 3hp Motorgo Big Boy
mg-junior-6hp mg-overview-of-sears-page mg-sears-text mg-senior-14hp
Motorgo Junior 6hp overview of Sears page Sears ad for Motorgo Motogo Senior 14hp


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Hiawatha 2 3
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1914 Brooks