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Caille Model 10
Junior 5-Speed Twin


  • Model 10 #10613
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    This Caille Model 10 is a good example of what a restored motor should NOT be.

    If you take the word "restore" to mean to repair or renovate to return to original condition, as I do, then this resto job is a failure.
    The cylinders should be gray cadmium plate which looks like very thin and matte paint. The decals should not be destroyed by over zealous polishing. Sometimes things are best left alone.
    By the way, I've never seen a Model 10 with good decals.

  • odds and ends... a crate, ads
    10_f 10_side 1928-copiedcatalogpage
    Model 10 in its crate 1928 ad for Caille Junior 5-Speed Twin
This is the tag from a Model 10 with the tear-off still intact!