The Model 48 is a Class "C" Motor.

  • 1931 catalog pages

Utility Model 48, Class C, 21 H.P.

The owner of a runabout, cruiser, family
boat or heavy work boat will secure utmost
satisfaction from a Caille Red Head Utility
Model 48 - an outboard motor uilt for ex-
hilarating speed, plus a welath of power that
insures dependable, easily controlled operation
under all circumstances.

The great power developed by this motor
gives speed and endurance for fairly heavy
and seaworthy craft. It is equipped with the
Bosch waterproof magneto, or with electric
starter (Model 49).

It is quickly adaptable for remote control of
throttle, spark, and steering. Speed up to 35
miles per hour, depending on design and
weight of the boat.