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There is nothing like an Aerothrust to make you feel mortal!
Hats off to those few brave men who actually run them...and return to dock.

This video is from Richard Hiiuvain.

At Constantine it is always fun to see Richard crank up the Aerothrusts!

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The following text is from the catalog:
When You Go Boating

Wherever there is water, even if only a few inches deep and thick with weeds, you can skim along on the wings of the wind if your engine is an Aerothrust.

The Aerothrust will enable you to reach your favorite hunting ground quickly and easily without the fatigue of rowing. The propeller acts as a gyroscope and steadies the boat which is not handicapped by weeds, shoals, or unexpected currents.

In driving against the wind the thrust of the propeller is increased, thereby overcoming the resistance of the wind against the hull of the boat.

The Aerothrust will drive your boat faster against the wind, and has sufficient power to tow three boats carrying four passengers each. In making landing, a pier is not necessary as you can run our boat on the beach without danger of burying the propeller in the ground, wearing off its cutting edges or tearing it from the shaft.

When trolling, the Aerothrust will not disturb the water and frighten the fish, and can be throttled to just enough speed to keep your line taut.

It can be easily attached to any boat without boring a hole, starts easily and requires no attention when running.

Aerothrust owners are so enthusiastic over the new model, we are constantly receiving unsolicited testimonial letters, telling what the Aerothrust will do and how it gives satisfaction.

This wooden prop to the right has an original decal!

I don't know what Aerothrust motor it came from.

We can't assume all wooden Aerothrust props had decals from this one example however.