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"The 1895 Allen Portable Electric Propeller was Americas first generally advertised and mass produced outboard." Peter Hunn, Old Outboard Book

Why have only two been found?

Allen marketed the Salisbury under his own name. I have no info on the deal made between the inventor and Allen. Allen introduced it under his own name in 1895.

See the Salisbury entry for photos of the earliest outboard known extant if Salisbury did not produce any after Allen started!!!!!!

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< news blurb about Allen

An article from 1895 documenting the Salisbury/Allen connection.
Below is from the 1897 3rd Annual Sportsmans Show at Madison Square Garden. The photo up above of the display was from the previous year.

Care to see the full pages some from which the excepts were plucked?

The two images below from www.sjohistoriska.se

from Electrical world: a review of current progress in electricity and its practical applications, Volume 27 - W.J. Johnston, 1896