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Anderson Engine Company, Chicago


It is a badge motor made by Blakely of the straight leg version, not the gearless. Anderson, a long established marine motor company, was offering (in a letter I have) dealers the detachable motor in April 1915, puffing it as very well made.

I've never seen one.

"The motor is reversible, whether equipped with battery or magneto ignition, and has a 3-inch bore cylinder, high crank case compression and ports so designed that back-fire is eliminated.

The power developed is 2^-h.p., and the propeller is of the weedless type, 9 inches diameter. Incorporated with the propeller is a rudder, and both are moved by the tiller to steer the boat.

The Anderson motor is despatched entirely complete and ready to run and no tools, piping, etc., are required to fit it in position. Furthermore, an underwater exhaust is furnished if desired, without extra charge."

from the Rudder 1915 article

The Rudder magazine mentioned the Anderson in the 1915 article (CLICK HERE TO VIEW) that reviews many of the detachable motors available that year. Click HERE for the entire year of the magazine in PDF.