The first 2.5 hp Archimedes BS motor arrived on the market in 1912.

The first opposed twin outboard!

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ABOVE- Google translation with some adjustment:

Agents assumed at all locations within Dalrne for the 2-cylinder outboard Archimedes 1914 year model. Magneto or battery. The sizes of 2 and 5 hp. Archimedes Company, Stockholm C 41
This was from the Swedish paper, Dalpinen, March 1914.

RIGHT- Google translation with some adjustment:

The Archimedes is a horizontal engine, with 2 cyl. each for their part time work, moving back and forth . Parts are standard. Perfectly balanced, hence the name "Engine Balance".
The only Balance Engine in the world. No vibrations, no damage to the material of the boat. Reliable, powerful.

A bit of background history:
The following excerpt from Evinrude history explains the general explosion of Scandinavian outboard companies starting in 1912.

I have read that prior to 1912 Carl Alrik Hult had taken a trip to the United States and brought home on his return to Sweden one of the early Evinrudes. In a nutshell, the wooden boat shaking vibration of the single cylinder rowboat motor was unacceptable to the engineer from a country where a great many men made their living from the sea. The fact the fisherman still welcomed the outboards Evinrude exported, and that demand exceeded the supply, prompted the start of many new Swedish companys...with most copying Evinrude's single cylinder. In comparison, the brothers, C.A. & O.W. Hult, who had an engineering workshop, AB Archimedes, in Sundbyberg, Sweden prospered by solving the problem common to all those single cylinder motors, the horrendous tooth-rattling vibration. The result - in 1912 they constructed the first 2-cylinder outboard in the world. It was an opposed twin, boxer type. This outboard was introduced under the name Balansmotern (Motor Balance) because it ran without vibration. Ole Evinrude, in his "retirement" in 1913 produced a twin as well. The Archimedes BS type was manufactured with little change until the 1950s!

1911 saw Evinrude produce 2000 motors.
"The business was seasonal, however, so Bess contacted several exporters in New York to explore the sale of their outboard motors overseas. At first cast aside, their letter was eventually discovered by Oluf Mikkelsen, a Scandinavian clerk of Melchior, Armstrong, and Dessau, who convinced his boss that the motors had great potential in Norway, Denmark, and Sweden. After a trial order of two motors to be used at a demonstration in Denmark, a firm order for six came—then fifty more.

Mikkelsen and another man were sent to Milwaukee to call on “B. Evinrude” and negotiate a better price for a large order. The men were amazed to discover that they were dealing with a young woman. Bess was more than a match for them; refusing to yield on the price, she received an order for 1000 motors. The problems stemming from the seasonal nature of the business were solved, and Mikkelsen became Evinrude’s New York agent for international sales." - from

For great information and illustrations from catalogs, go to Stephan and Arne Lagerholm's site devoted to Swedish outboard history.

Wikipedia definition:
he boxer engine is a type of flat engine in which each of a pair of opposing cylinders is on a separate crank throw, offset at 180° to its partner, so both cylinders of the pair reach top dead centre together. Any boxer therefore is inherently balanced as far as the momentum of the pistons is concerned.
The small photo below is (I think) of an Archimedes being used to power something (which I couldn't translate).