Evinrude Detachable Rowboat Motor Company
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

The story of Ole Evinrude and his wife, Bess, starting this line and the subsequent sale to his partner, followed eventually by Evinrude starting the Elto brand is good reading that you will find in all reference books and all over the web.

The Model A has a reverse feature. On the model A the tiller can be rotated to allow the torque from the propeller to spin the lower unit 180 degrees so you reverse.

The Model B did not have reverse. The advantage of the Model B is you DON'T have the above feature as it always got broken! I've had several and they are always messed up.

The E prefix is always found on canoe motors.


Evinrude Boat # 3918 (It's a peach!)
From 1913, three pages of advice from the Evinrude company
about what to do when troubleshooting a balky motor.
For fun...a jigsaw puzzle of a lovely Evinrude lady with her rowboat motor. It is a Flash file so you may not be able to view it...Jack can't, but I can. Who knows...it's fun, but hard!
A peek at the Evinrude ads and ephemera I haven't posted yet...

in a YouTube video.