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The Glideaway is a Caille badge motor.

Sold by the W. H. Mullins co. as "...manufactured for us by one of the largest and most succesful builders of marine engines in the world...".

Glideaways were made for the Mullins company by Caille. As far as I know this is the only year they did...but I may be mistaken. This example has incorrect paint on it. I am guessing it is NOT right as I have never seen a RED Caille rowboat motor.

The decal on the tank is original. Note the hole in the skeg - the only year Caille made a skeg like this was 1914.

The folding rudder is a Caille feature that other rowboat motors did not have.


Mullins catalog page with picture of 1914 model (hole in skeg is the tell)