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Henschel and Company , Berlin


The flexible shaft outboard was offered as either battery powered or gasoline motor powered.

Roughly translated:

Another firm of Henschel and Co. patented a motorboat for electric or gasoline operation (Fig. 44). The practically built and protected boat drive (Fig. 45) consists of the motor, the flexible shaft and the propeller, which are fastened all on a common frame, so that the entire device forms a connection forming a whole. The motor, which can be an electric motor or combustion engine (which therefore in the first case with a storage battery, in the latter operated conveniently with gasoline) coupled with flexible shaft, the latter rises gooseneck-like over the hull of the boat and at its other end of the propeller.

The electric drive is recommended wherever electricity is available and convenient to charge the batteries, while gasoline will be as practical, where electricity is not available, and will run especially long distances .