Hiawatha antique outboard motors were badge motors made by two different companies,
Spinaway and Caille.

The two motors below with rudders are the only known examples of their kind and the third is far from common. The only way to ID a later Caille-made Hiawatha (example 3) is by the Hiawatha name on the back of the gas tank. The rudder on the earlier Caille Hiawatha is quite distinctive and was not used on other Cailles.

The Spinaway made motor has the name cast into the exhaust manifold and MW stamped into the crankcase.

Both Spinaway and Caille made badge motors for several companies, not just Montgomery Ward.

This is a Caille-made Hiawatha.

This is the later, rudderless Caille Hiawatha.
c.1917; note broken skeg

hia-7 hia-8
hia-9 hia-decal
hia-flyview hia-lowerunit
hia-transom-clamp hia-whole
hia-whole2 hia10
Below is an ad for the Caille-made Hiawatha.

This is the Spinaway-made Hiawatha.
c. 1914

IMG_3049 IMG_3050 IMG_3051 IMG_3052

Hiawatha, serial number WM590

This is the earliest known example of a Hiawatha which was sold by Montgomery Ward and made by Spinaway. It is also the ONLY known example!

The Spinaway company, like the Caille company, made many badge motors.

Among these were, in addition to the Hiawatha, the Wilcox-McKim, the Clay, the Nichoalds, and the Northwestern.