The photo to the right is the only piece of a Knight of which I have a picture! It was found on a rubbish pile next to a derelict croft in the Western Highlands of Scotland some 20 years ago. Thanks to Peter Freshwater saving this relic we now know the Knight was a badge motor made by Archimedes for Knight, or perhaps produced under their patent in Great Britain. Click here for a large photo.

I do not have much on the Knight at this time, so I included the snippet view from a Google book search to show they were around in 1920. Snippet views give you tiny, fuzzy views of a text you are not allowed to read online! Just enough to drive you crazy.

("Outboard attachments are also exhibited by other firms, such as the Evinrude Motor Company (England), Limited, 107, Waterloo-road, SE ; the Knight Outboard Motor Company, Limited, of Riverside Hampton Wick, Kingston-on-Thames ; and the ...")