I've never seen a NO-RO.

When I look at this motor the first thought that comes to my mind is that it is unusable since the mixing valve (carb) is on the back of the motor.

That makes it impossible to fiddle with while using the motor!
When you look at the illustration below you can also see its design seems to have been inspired by Spinaway (round gas tank), Federal and Koban (opposed cylinders) and the skeg is most surely a knock off of the straight leg Blakely.

I just can't believe this motor ever saw production.

We recently found some documentation (bottom of page) that shows that No-Ro was a company that did not appear to have been a manufacturer. They have no machinery declared as part of their company assets, just stock....and who knows what that was.

For more information:

  • Check out Peter Hunn's book .
  • Check Arlan Carter's book that is specifically on rowboat motors.
  • example 1, 1915 ad (photocopy, not scan)

  • example 2, below

  • corporate info, bottom of page