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Safix Marine Engine Co., Ltd., London, England


Scan below- 1921 -by Richard Durgee
The only information I have so far on the Safix company comes from the two scans from Richard Durgee, and one online newspaper ad from Singapore!

My major question about the Safix company was their relationship with Miller since Jack has both, with the Safix-Miller identified by the name cast in relief on the flywheel. Other than that it identical to a Miller. The article on the right answers that question - Safix was the British agent for Miller. I seems the flwheel change was an additional "badging" on the Miller made outboard.

I think there could be more to it as I believe Miller went out of business years before Safix-Miller. I can find ads through 1926 for the Safix-Miller, while Miller seems to have disappeared much earlier. I haven't solid evidence of their end date yet. Perhaps Miller just made outboards for other sellers and no longer bothered to sell any... Anyone know anything that has documentation that starts to nail down the history of the Miller , please let me know!!

Click here to view Safix-Miller ads. They had a very ambitious ad writer!
These ads are all from Australia from a variety of newspapers published between 1916 to 1926.

Scan of The Motor Boat - 1921 -by Richard Durgee