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The Spinaway Boat Motor Company
Chicago, Ill.


Brief excerpt from Peter Hunn's book: "Officially, the earliest Spinaways (1911) were called Speedaways, originating from the Speedaway Boat Motor Company, Freeport, Illinois."

In short, Hoefer Manufacturing Company, 3 years later, owned Speedaway and renamed it Spinaway. Their last year of production was 1924.

The Spinaway company, like the Caille company, made many badge motors. Among these were, in addition to the Hiawatha, the Wilcox-McKim, the Clay, the Nichoalds, and the Northwestern outboard motors.

For more information and history right now:

  • Check Arlan Carter's book that is specifically on rowboat motors.

  • Check out Peter Hunn's book for many more details.


ABOVE: Exhaust; see larger image below

BELOW: Very few Spinaway had this detail on the down tube. This model also had a special exhaust manifold that had the Spinaway name cast into it.