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Söderbloms Gjuteri AB
Soderblom's Foundry Ltd, Eskilstuna, Sweden)

example 1: Svalan, circa 1915

This Svalan was brought back to the US by Chris Scratch, founder of the Southern Ontario Rowboat Motor Chapter of AOMCI. You can read more that he wrote about it in the Rowboat Motor Journal.

This catalog is of the 1916 model.

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ABOVE: Letterhead from Soderblom Foundry AB in Eskilstuna

"Soderblom's Foundry AB in Eskilstuna, was founded in 1877 as a foundry and repair shop. The founder was an engineer and member of parliament Knut Soderblom, born 1846 in Västanfors. Over time, he made steam engines, dairy equipment, trucks, motorcycles, trolleys, locomotive engines, stoves, cars and stationary engines.

The archive contains interesting letterhead showing Soderblom Foundry Companies products and workshop area. Using the letterhead, the sender can represent who they are with their design. There they get a chance to advertise themselves or their products. Letter heads can also provide a picture of objects, buildings and environments that now may have disappeared. And the sender gets a chance to brag a little! Maybe the factory and its smokestacks are larger on the envelope than in reality. Early letterheads are an important source for studies of Swedish business, technology and architectural history. They are often artistically executed."

Edited text above is a translation of information found here.

While this information did not include rowboat motors in its list, they did make them.