This motor is basically the same as the Racine

and the Burroughs, although I've never seen one.  I just have the patent drawings to go by.

All 3 of these motors (the Racine, Burroughs and Time) were designed by Burroughs and an interesting motor it is.  When it came to production though he was a failure.
"In the span of four years, Eben Burroughs had been involved with three
companies, all of which ceased operation within a very short time."
Carter, Arlan. The American Rowboat Motor. p. 325

This is the only Time motor known. There are no ads I have found.

Timmer seems to have had his fingers in many pies. And I get the impression he was a man who enjoyed making money, not one who had a vision for making motors. If you could make money without making anything, just forming a business, attracting investors and then going bankrupt, that was a plan.

Another man who has a flim-flam aura, was Burroughs, who created the Racine. Birds of a feather flock together so it is not surprising to read in the American Rowboat Motor that Burroughs was for a time the secretary of the Time Mfg. Co. However, the only references I find to the secretary is Mr. Grau so Burroughs was not there long (?).

Read the articles and see what you think. Check out Arlan Carter's American Rowboat Motors for more of the story...

The Time Mfg. Co. offices were in Milwaukee in the Caswell Block.
Mr. Tuschen seems to have become the vice president based on his owning the manufacturing facility which he bought in 1913 in a bankrutcy sale for $18,000.

The only other thing I found that was interesting is that Mr. Timmer donated a giant puffball to the Milwaukee Public Museum in 1908.