Frankfurt Engine Works

The amazing bent wood tiller handle is one of those artifacts from a past age of carriage making working its way into the modern mechanical world. This is from the teens. If you are into antique furniture at all this tiller handle will remind you of a Thonet chair. One chair that has the bent wood top, the No. 14 chair, alone sold 40 million copies between 1859 and it was certainly around to give a designer an idea for the tiller!

  • example 1 (and probably the only one I'll ever see...)

  • example 2 - (below) is an illustration from a 1921 book on practical boat building by W. Ernst. It only mentioned outboards in passing and had this and one other illustrated just so you would know they work well on some small boats.
    "There are little motors from 2 to 5 horsepower, built for the sake of simplicity as a two-stroke engines. Motor, shaft, bolt and accessories are combined into an easily movable and apparatus are in use case by means of a clamping device on the beltline of the vehicle used, so that the shaft of the screw with dips into the water. If the motor is not used, it is stored in an appropriate place in the boat."
    This is a translation....I wonder about "beltline" :-)