• Hiawatha, # WM590

    This is the earliest known example of a Hiawatha which was sold by Montgomery Ward.
    It is a badge motor probably made by Wilcox-McKim. It is not known, at least by me, if WM bought the rights to manufacture clones from Spinaway but there sure is a remarkable similarity between the two brands. After all how many outboards had a gas tank - flywheel combo that looked like a double layer cake?

    The Spinaway company existed before and after Wilcox-McKim.

    And be sure to check Arlan Carter's book that is specifically on rowboat motors.

  • According to Arlan Carter in his The American Rowboat Motor, pg. 292, (in a nutshell), Spinnaways were offered as several badge motors that had small differences from the branded Spinnaway in some of the more easily changed details like the exhaust manifold and tank. The badge motors were: Wilcox-McKim, Clay, Nichoalds and Northwestern.

    Spinnaways were offered at the same time as the Wilcox-McKim.

    Both notices below are from 1915.