Don't forget the web's information can evaporate...books are there for you any time of day or night, power failure or not, in the car or propped besides your morning coffee. Books are your friends.

  • Arlan Carter's publication, The American Rowboat Motor, is the
    must-have reference work to introduce you to the early world of outboards.
    (And, if you like 19th century fishing lures, or simple like looking at examples of good design and wacky design, check out his other book, 19th Century Fishing Lures: A Collector's Guide to U.S. Lures Manufactured Prior to 1901 )

  • Peter Hunn's book, The Old Outboard Book, with its wide coverage of all old outboards is used as a basic reference. Not unuusual to see it stuffed under the truck seat as a handy reference library for the active hunter-gatherer. Also, his book Beautiful Outboards.

  • Orlin C. Johnson's book, Small Boat Propulsion Devices: 1866 thru 1950, is a basic reference with many patent documents. Not available at Amazon as far as I can tell, but try EBay. Anyone have a stash you are selling?



Internet resources:

  • Skip Hagerman's Antique Boat and Motor Mania site's posting of the 1969-1979 archives of the Antique Outboarder magazine, the magazine published 6 times a year by AOMCI.
  • Disappearing Propeller Boat Company Limited
    Paul Dodington writes "Since 1955, we have been repairing and restoring all varieties of Dispro engines and devices from owners across the U.S. and Canada, with careful attention to authenticity and dependability." He hosts some nice St. Lawrence material.
    Box 152, Port Carling, Muskoka, Ontario, Canada P0B 1J0
    Phone: (705) 765-5037
  • Practical Machinist (About the best discussion of any sort I've found)