The Submerged Electric is a motor you don't forget after seeing it once. The Wisconsin company started up around 1900 and folded in 1909. I have seen a cast date of 1899 on one of them once (not shown here).
If you like polishing things, this is the motor for you!

The company advertised a gasoline powered version, but to the best of my knowledge, none have ever been found.

Battery technology has improved, to say the least, since 1895. When these motors were new they required a hefty boat to safely carry the heavy batteries. For a 16 foot boat the batteries would weigh between 100 and 336 pounds. Lithium ion, anyone?

View the patent. Invented by Tracy B. Hatch of Chicago, he assigned it to the Submerged Electric Motor Company.

Loretta Carter with her husband, Arlan, with the electric model.


BELOW- a gas model that has never been found. It's rumored a bunch were sold to Australia.
1907 below
Interesting to note is that the company advertised heavily in women's magazines. There were 4 identical ads in this issue of American Homes and Gardens, 1907.