Summer 2012:

Summer 2011:

A Tour of Jack's Shop - August 2011

Go to Jack's YouTube Channel and poke around to see more videos.
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AND (This one , Lee)

Here is a funny video there where Jack was trying to film AND keep his Caille Sweet going at very low revs in a go-slow race at Constantine MI. The aluminum boat was not damping the motor vibrations. Need I say more :-)

Caille Sweet, 2011

Summer 2010:

This video is of Richard Hiiuvain, the Aerothrust Special Interest Group Leader.
At Constantine it is always fun to see Richard crank up the Aerothrusts!

Spring 2010:

Tour of a 1915 Caille rowboat motor...


There are more current, but still out of date, tours on the Caille site.

Jack's workshop a year or so ago...