The Waterman company was bought by the Arrow company in 1917. Arrow continued to offer "Waterman" rowboat motors. See Arrow for motors produced after the buy out.
Two full page ads for the Porto from 1914. CLICK IMAGE

Note the vocabulary used by the 1907 Waterman ad above. They have no name for the new type of motor that is detachable, still calling it a marine engine (which designates an inboard). A very similar, but not identical, 1908 ad is below the PORTO ad.
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example 1, 1906
example 2, 1907
example 3, 1908

example 4,
1912 C-13

example 5, 1912, rear cylinder

example 6,

example 8, Waterman Sweet
(a badge motor)

example 9,
Waterman C 16
example 7,

example 10,
Waterman C16

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Below: 1914